Our Services



Our Aim Is To Transform Lives Through Kindness. We Have A Variety Of Programmes To Support Vulnerable People In The Community.

We provide free food parcels of groceries, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and more to families and individuals in need in our local communities, we also provide food for ethnic minority families, we accept self-referrals, and we also accept referrals from agencies such as social workers, doctors, schools, housing officer, health visitor, churches, children centres, job centres, and etc. 

Our aim is to help relief poverty on local children and their families. Some families may need our support for many years, being unable to get themselves out of the poverty trap. Others, however, may require our help only once until they can get back on their feet and become self-sufficient once again. These may include a family going through health challenges, unemployment, domestic violence, lost of income due to benefit cut, and including refugee family.

We provide advice and other practical support, such as clothing, school uniforms, small household goods, etc. Or signposting to other organisations for the families progression out of their situation and into self-sufficiency, which benefits both the families and the Community.


We are open Monday To Friday From: 10am to 5pm.


We provide food parcels to families and individuals on Tuesdays & Fridays From: 11am to 2pm.


We provide clothing to families and individuals on: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays From: 11am to 2pm


We are always looking for ways to make a difference in our community.

We help to provide families and individuals facing financial hardships with clothing, shoes, and socks etc, in Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

What we Provide


We help with the relief of poverty among children, young people and their families in Liverpool UK, by providing grants to fund recreational activities through schools, giving local families opportunities to be included in activities, such as school trips and co-curricular activities.

By providing and assisting in provision of school uniforms, and school materials for disadvantage children and young people in Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

To provide basic items to families and individuals in need including food parcels, clothing and small household goods.


We help with he relief of poverty among children, young people, and their families in Ogun State, Nigeria. By providing grants to pay for school fees for disadvantage children and young people.

To provide basic items to families and individuals in need including food parcels, clothing, and small household goods.

The advancement of education among children and young people in Ogun State, Nigeria by providing and assisting in provision of school uniforms, school materials and  facilities for education at schools in including furniture, IT equipment, clean water and toilet facilities.

Helping Children & Young People Reach Their Full Potential



Our main aim for homework club are for getting children and young people into good work habits as well as organizational skills that will stand them in good stead for their future studies as will as careers.








Looking for homework help or just a quiet place to settle in and get it all done? Then one of our free homework club is just the place for you!

Open to children and  young people aged 9-16.

Does your child need extra support in numeracy?

Would you like your child to improve on their social and life skills?

Our qualified and well experienced maths tutor can help with those tricky calculations.

What we offer

 Monday Wednesday and Thursdays 10:00 am to 3:00 pm


  • A formal drop in that provides one-to-one surgery sessions for families/individuals to receive information on a rang of different issues; 

  • Supporting families/individuals to under rights and signposting to other services;

  • Help and support for asylum seekers and refugees children/families;

  • Provide practical advice on money management/budgeting;

  • Volunteers opportunities;

  • Support group for families/individuals to encourage community engagement and reduce social isolation.

 Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 10:30 am to 3:00 pm

for clothes collection and small household goods.

Homework Club Activities

Funded by Community Funds / Award for All