Children are the future of a nation


We work to ensure children all over the world are given a chance.

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We are very pleased to receive the recognition from the community that we support

Ibijoke Children Foundation UK

are here to help with the relief of poverty among children and their families / individuals in need, our support covered Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

We offer help via referral system through agencies, such as children centre, Health Visitor, Social Worker, Housing Officer, etc. We also accept self-referrals but you're required to complete a form before you get access to our services, this service is designed for struggling families/individuals who are unable to provide a basic need for themselves.

Due to our close working relationship with other service providers, we can guide and refer families/individuals to the relevant service providers for individuals progression into self-sufficiency which benefits families/individuals and the communities.


School Trips is an Essential part of Learning for Students

School trip and excursion are interchangeably used in educational literature. But in strict sense they are different. An excursion is school journey involving any organised travel made by teachers and students primarily with an educational motive in mind. School trips are organised visits of teachers and students to immediate or distant places to enrich learning experiences and to further instructional purposes of regular classroom activities. The school trip is distinguished by its concentration on learning particular aspects. Hence the success is judged by the fulfillment of pre-determined goals.

Education is not confined to classroom teaching. Life in the classroom can cover only a small part of our total life. If learning is to result in the total development of the learners, must go beyond our school walls in to the community as students and as working participants. The main purposes of school trip is to give students first hand experiences that cannot be had in the classroom. Students can see things hear things, handle things, and can examine them minutely. Hence school trip is an outdoor lesson in action. Many objects and phenomena can be studied best in their natural setting . School trip provide opportunities for learning through the use of many techniques other than in the classroom with the community, it develops better social awareness and social skills development in pupils. In fact school trip provide enough raw materials that would promote of senses, knowledge, emotions and skills.

Advantages in taking a school trips

Enhances the Curriculum

One of the biggest advantages to school trips is that they allow students to have a real-world experience. This experience should clearly illustrate and enhance information taught by the curriculum. For example, a textbook lesson on the life cycle of a salmon can be enhanced by a trip to a local salmon hatchery, where the students can clearly see the salmon in its many life stages.

Team Building

Advantage of school trips is that they are a way to bring the students closer together. Many school trips combine educational content with team-building activities, such as working together to clean a stream that has been polluted. In fact, it is often a good idea to go on school trip early in the school year to help create a bond between the students.

Disadvantages of taking school trips


Although school trips are sometimes subsidised by the school, there is often an expense associated with the activity that is the responsibility of student's family. The reality is that there are families that can barely afford to send a healthy lunch to school with their children, never mind pay for a school trip. This can be an awkward and uncomfortable situation for both student and teacher.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of school trips in teaching...

School trips can be defined as a type of experiential learning that get students out of the traditional classroom setting into a new mode of learning.

1: Increases knowledge on social responsibility and current issues

2: Provides ideas of future environment

3: Helps understand the environment we live in

4: Helps understand ethical issues in context

5: Enables to understand related professional practice.

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School Uniform And School Supplies

The majority of families we support are struggling financially to purchase new school uniforms for their child/children. They are also already struggling to put food on the table, never mind having to go and buy all new clothes, bags, coats, shoes, and stationery for the new school term.

Our aim is to support children back to school well equipped, with well fitting new clothing to fit in with their peers.

The parents says that the support we provide alleviates a lot of stress and is a great resource. Without the provision they would be unable to equipped their children with everything needed for going back to school.

It can be really expensive for parents to buy new school uniforms, new shoes, bags, coats, socks and school supplies, especially if they have more than one child to buy for.

We have a lot of working families who come asking for school uniforms and school supplies help for their children.

We relies on kindhearted members of the public to donate both new and good quality second-hand items to help relieve the burden on families.

     Please We Need Your Help.

School Uniform And School Supplies Drive To Help Struggling Parents In Kensington & Fairfield Liverpool.

We are seeking new or gently used school uniform donations new shoes, sneakers, socks, coats, bags, lunchboxes, not books, rulers, sharpeners, erasers, pens and pencils for children of all ages.

Drop Off Address:

Kensington Community Learning Centre

291-299 Kensington Liverpool

L7 2RG

From Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm

Thank you for supporting disadvantaged children in our communities.


Our MP and Councillor

We are very pleased to see our MP Paula Barker and Councillor Sue Walker in our office today, 24th of January 2020.


Ibijoke Children Foundation UK

(Above) Mayor Councillor of Liverpool (Gary Millar) visits our stand at Pacesetters Business Expo

We help children, young people and their families in Liverpool and the surrounding areas, to deal with challenges in their lives, bring hope, opportunities, stability and Independence to the people we support.  

We deliver a range of services to support local people,  including working to prevent children and young people missing out on  school trip, helping families to build stronger relationships, providing  food parcels, school uniforms, school materials,  and small household goods for families and individuals in need.

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Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Fridge Magnet

Supporting us with £3 pounds you can collect a fridge magnet in our facilities.

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Reusable Bottle

 Supporting us with £10 pounds you can collect a fridge magnet in our facilities. 

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We Need Your Donations

Since October 2018, Ibijoke Children Foundation UK has been giving free food parcels, school uniforms, school materials and small household goods to those in financial crisis in Liverpool.

We work closely with  referral agencies to help those  that are experiencing hardship through perhaps a delay in benefits, health challenges, marriage breakdown and emergency situations. 

We are desperate for school materials, school uniforms, and food items.

You can drop off donations at our office when they are open at:

291-299 Kensington Liverpool, L7 2RG

Kensington Community Learning center (KCLC)

(Opposite Lidl/ McDonald's)

To buy the food that we give out it costs us approximately: £42:00 to buy 5 days of food for a family of 4 people. ICFUK relies on help from generous people, businesses, and other organisations across our county.

If you are interested in volunteering with ICFUK or helping us in any way please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Email us at:

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