Education and Child Rights

We work alongside communities to better understand their children's rights, and how they can raise their voices to protect and provide for their children. Basic school supplies are crucial for educational advancement, your donation provides essential school supplies for poor children.

Child Rights


For just 60p a day, your sponsorship with Ibijoke Children Foundation UK will help a child get access to nutrition food, clean water and education. 

We're helping vulnerable children and young people get back into school and get back on track for their exams.  

All children have hopes and dreams, but poverty and injustice can hold them back. They might face violence, miss out on an education, or be prevented from claiming their rights.  But it doesn't have to be this way.  

By sponsoring a child, you will help us work with local communities to overcome these injustices and unlock a child's potential. Your support will mean that some children can look forward to a brighter future.

Our Services Abroad (Nigeria)

We help with the relief of poverty among children, young people, and their families in Ogun-State Nigeria, by providing basic items to the most vulnerable families, Including free food parcels, clothing, toiletries, and small household goods.

The advancement of education 

We offered support for children and young people in Ogun-State Nigeria, by assisting in providing school uniforms, socks, underwear, shoes and school supplies. Facilities for education in schools including furniture, IT equipment, clean water, toilet facilities and assisting towards school fee.

In Nigerian, children suffer the most due to the poverty crisis that continues to affect thousands of small towns and villages. Therefore, their future is often compromised due to the lack of basic facilities and infrastructure for education and development.

Ibijoke Children Foundation UK, are working to support education for disadvantaged children in Ogun-State, Nigeria. Our 'get back into school' programme will help give the children a brighter future.

Make a donation today and give a child a brighter future. This will not only help the child's family but will also give you a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

The chance to learn can change a child's life

Every child has the right to an education whatever their background, gender or ethnicity. Ibijoke Children Foundation UK want to see a world where all children enjoy this right. Without the opportunity to learn children can't develop to their full potential.

They're more likely to be trapped in cycles of poverty, poor health and forced labour often in dangerous environments.

Ibijoke Children Foundation supports innovative programme that give the most vulnerable children the chance to learn. We work with governments school, communities and parents to enable every child to access a quality education. We help children get back in to school for example, we provide textbooks, school uniforms, and paying for their school fees etc.

The holistic approach ensures that not only are the children keeping up with their studies, but also that are safe and happy after they leave school.

Changing Lives with Child Sponsorship

Help give every child a chance. One off and regular donations welcome. 100% Donation policy.


When you're sponsoring a child with Ibijoke Children Foundation UK, you're not just helping one child, but the whole family. By sponsoring a child you'll help them have access to an education.

"Being without education is like being blind. (But my sponsor) opened my eyes, because of them I was also able to open the eyes of my siblings,


"Education is very important".

For just 35p a day - A primary school aged child can get an education

For just 50p a day - A secondary school aged can get an education

For just 65p per day - Your sponsorship will provide food, clothes, school uniforms, shoes and school materials.


We help relieve poverty among children, young people and their families in Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

Your donation will help children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to school trips, school uniforms, and school materials.

For just 60p a day you'll help families and individuals in need with food parcels, toiletries, clothing, and small household goods.

How can you help

If we make a commitment to support the most vulnerable people, we need to be able to commit to helping them regularly. For this reason we would ask you to support a widow or child with food and essentials as a regular giving commitment each month by standing order or direct debit through our PayPal  by visiting our website. The needs of each family are different, so we haven't specified an amount per child or per family. However, it costs approximately  £25-30 to buy adequate food for one child each month.

For babies that have lost their mother or if their mother cannot feed them, baby milk is expensive and it can cost around £16 per tin of formula which lasts a few days depending on the baby.

With your help young widows in Nigeria can be given the opportunity to get education and vocational training of their choice,  for example, tailoring, soap making, baking etc. This would give them the chance to earn a living, to support themselves and their families.